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This photo was taken a few months ago upstairs in the Washoe Club. It was looking at us from the corner.
Something started to form as I took this shot. No one was in that area.
  A face looking outside in the early morning. The place was closed and no one was inside.
 St. Mary Louise Hospital one of Nevada's most haunted buildings. Those that dwell in its shadows have become like family to many of us who know them. 
 Meet Patrica. I caught her peeking around a corner at me one day. Twice she has walked past me in full form. She likes to let people know she is around and loves to play small harmless pranks. She is loved by many of the paranormal groups that do research in the building.
Here are a few things we caught on film while out in the field. 

The person you see in the grey was not with the group. 
     How do you
 destroy a monster without becoming    
Virginia City, Nevada
Not sure who this was but he seemed to want to visit us. We were not allowed in the graveyard after dark so we took some pics from the parking lot. 
Another shot from the parking lot.
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 ST. Mary Louise Hospital
The Washoe Club