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*Please note that we do not charge for any investigations and none of the members are paid employees. If you would care to donate to this Research then  please hit the button below. 
The face
Not sure what/who this was but it came to visit us on location.
 Below is a photo of Patrica. The local resident child seen by many at ST. Mary Louise Hospital in Virginia City, NV. Her demise is unknown. She likes to play little pranks but all are harmless.
This photo was taken at the Washoe Club. If you look near the top  of the photo, you will see a white  mist forming. There are a few other  things that seem to want to be seen in this shot as well.
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"Lady In The Mirror"
Photo by Malinda Adrian
The Willow Paranormal Team has just finished up the investigation of the Crown Point Mill in Gold Hills, Nevada and we got some amazing footage. We had one dark presence there and I had to remove it for those who were to follow. But contact with those that dwell inside made it all worth the trip. ALL the team members had some form of contact and did a awesome job. I will start to post the info and photos/films about this event on sunday. It will amaze you. Thank you Willow Paranormal team: Annie, Cheryl, Cassi, James, Virgil, Rita, and myself. The DCR Team: Ray, Cat, Dave and Jack who made this event so much fun. I had a wonderful time with the teams and as far as I am concerned, both teams are FAMILY. 
 A Doll was left on the Piano on the second floor and many times it would be found in other locations.  There was nobody in the building to move it.  I had to remove the Doll from SMAC when I turned in my keys because the new head of the Board said it gave her the creeps and I did not  want to see it thrown away. One day Patricia will get it back.
ST. Mary Louise Hospital
Virginia City, NV
Virginia City Grave yard
Washoe Club
I am pleased to announce that the Willow Paranormal Research Team will be hitting the road on May 1st of 2014 to assemble film footage for five episodes. We will be covering several states as far as West Virginia and Louisiana. We will be on the road for about a month and a half if all goes well. We will post our progress as well as some photos of our research sites each day. 
The Studio is DONE :)

Some of our wonderful Team members Whitney, Brittany and Berto
Preston Castle

This showed up on the full spectrum/infrared trap cam at crown point mill after the team left the building for a break. An unknown.

Cassi doing an E.V.P. session at the Crown Point Mill.

Rita working with the rods She is amazing with them. She got alot of great responses.

 Welcome to the Willow Paranormal Research website.  We are glad you have chosen to stop by and see what we have to offer. I invite you to join us on our Investigations as we go into some mysterious locations with a wonderful and talented team. I plan to present to you live and on location some of the most amazing Paranormal Events as they happen.