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 Willow Paranormal will never charge to do an investigation. We also do not entice, provoke or use items such as Ouija boards or things that may open doors to other problems. We show full respect to the location sites, owners and as well to the entities that may dwell there. We will not stage happenings. We seek the truth. If you think your home is haunted and you need us to look in to the strange things that may be happening there then let us know.  You can contact us at webmaster@willowparanormal.com  Thank You. 
  GREAT NEWS! We now have our store up and going and we hope you will stop by to see how we are doing. We are adding more products each day so we can give you a huge selection of products to choose from. Your purchase will help support the Willow Paranormal team. Go check us out at "The Willow Store" at  www.willowparanormal.net. 
 How do you destroy a monster without becoming one?
Last Updated : 10/01/2015
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Myrtles Plantation
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  We would like to welcome two new members to our research team. Welcome Cheryl and Lesley. They will be a great addition to our team. We are proud to have them with us. 
  The Willow Paranormal Team will be doing a night investigation at the Miners Cabin in Gold Hill, NV on the 28th of Oct. Great team, great food, great location. This should be an amazing investigation.